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Since their inception in early 2016, Raincity Blue have experienced a season of rapid growth entertaining audiences across British Columbia. Based in Vancouver BC, this ensemble showcases a unique experience for listeners integrating influences from jazz, funk, R&B, and soul. 

Raincity Blue entrances listeners with soulful vocals and sultry saxophone amidst a dynamic backdrop of fluid rhythms and harmonies. Versatile and captivating, this quartet innovates timeless classics with modern songwriting and brings a touch of elegance to contemporary favourites.

Members Clare Twiddy, Ryley Kirkpatrick, Kaylar Chan, and Jay Schreiber all come from diverse artistic backgrounds, evident in their original music which offers both power and subtlety. Honest lyrics and catchy melodies tell a story that is powerful, sensual, and intimate.

Highlights from 2016 include performances at Chambar's New Year's Eve Celebration, the 45th Anniversary of Hell's Gate, and a tour of Vancouver Island. Currently Raincity Blue is writing and recording an EP of original music set to release in Spring 2017. They have an extensive summer season ahead, including performing at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

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Clare Twiddy



Ryley Kirkpatrick


Kaylar Chan


Jay Schreiber